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AARP Portraits of Care

AARP’s digital campaign, I Heart Caregivers, celebrates the immense contributions that family caregivers make to the loved ones in their care as well as to society at large (substantially reducing public sector expenditures for similar services). The campaign also calls attention to AARP’s legislative advocacy efforts in support of more public resources for caregivers at the state and local levels.

AARP celebrated a caregiver from every state in the country by creating a “Portrait of Care” painting featuring the caregiver and the loved one in their care.

The campaign culminated in an art gallery event at the U.S. Senate Gallery where the Portraits of Care were on display and the chosen caregivers had the opportunity to interface with U.S. senators who were spearheading caregiver legislation.

AARP Portrait of Care billboard.jpg
AARP Texas Caregivers.jpg

In only the first three months, the campaign garnered a total of 546,847 clicks and 323 story submissions. Awareness of the campaign was driven by display ads that had a
click-through rate of 0.14% (exceeding the standard benchmark of 0.08%) and 15-second and 30-second videos which generated 31,239,920 views.  

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